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… the mice will play (till they’re dead)

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Humor, Personal

Shortly before we left for GA there was a mouse we had busted digging into some things in the garage. This little isolated incident turned into a huge mess in our absence adding to the phrase “while the cat’s away, the mice will play”. Seriously, it was like an army had moved into our garage while our house sat quiet for that week and a half.

My solution?

<evil streak>

… the most painful looking, horrific feeling device I could find for a mouse trap. It’s got teeth and all. PETA eat your f`n heart out!! So, I’m not completely without a heart though… I did buy one of those ultrasonic devices to ward off the little buggers. But in the mean time it’s open season on those rodents! So far the score is 1-9. Only one trap has been robbed of the bait but I do believe that crafty mouse bit the big one when he hit the next trap for some more peanut butter. We even got a two for one special with one…

So until they stop coming in, I’ll get excited every time I hear a “snap” or walk out to find another one bit the dust. >=D

</evil streak>

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ninja, the answer for everything.

by on Oct.19, 2009, under Humor

Today, Matt proved an age old thought, I know Jay will appreciate this one. If you don’t get it, don’t try, you might just hurt yourself.


Me, “Hey Matt, can you crank me out a login script for Rock Springs?”

Matt, “Yeah, it’s already out there.”

Me, “Ok, so what’s it called?”

Matt, “umm… f`n-ninja.bat?”

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by on Sep.12, 2009, under Humor

Some things I’ve observed recently that just were worth sharing…

  • The guy who felt his manhood threatened just because the car next to him accelerated faster than his from a light under normal driving conditions. To be a bug on his windshield and see his face when he got that speeding ticket.
  • Office folks who put their badges in their front or rear pocket then try to unlock a door with it when both hands are full. I don’t think they realize how hilarious they look running up to an access pad and throwing their hips up to it. This is daily entertainment that never gets old.
  • People who drive up to a red light and “lane dive” from 4 cars back to get that first spot at the light, only to be passed by everyone and end up at the back of the group of cars within a 1/4 mile. Way to go!
  • “Competitive” joggers who get out on the trail/sidewalk and see you just ahead of them but need to pass you to get that feel good feeling about themselves. As they bolt by all you can do is chuckle knowing full well you’ll be passing them again as they run out of gas 500 feet ahead of you. Ahhh yes… the little 1 mile runners that don’t have a clue they’re sprinting past the guy who’s paced for a 5k+.
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OK, I have to. :)

by on Jun.27, 2009, under General, Humor

With the recent death of the late Michael Jackson, I figured it was only fitting that we pull out the ole Cebu prisoners video of “Thriller” in his honor. Despite the controversies surrounding this individual and the constant allegations against him, one thing remained constant, he was an incredible inspiration to dancers all around the world. His breakthrough moves laid the groundwork for much of today’s entertaining dance moves that we enjoy in movies, on tv and in music videos. May “Wacko Jacko” rest in peace.

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