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ZFS, that moment you need rw on / (in single-user mode)

by on Aug.18, 2015, under Tech Stuff

Little FreeBSD one for this morning… mostly because I’m sure I’ll forget this.

So, here’s the scenario, common mistake… you put a typo in your rc.conf and you get slapped into single user mode. We’ve all been there, on multiple occasions. It’s typically one of those moments you forgot an end quote or something silly like that. No biggie right?

I guess that depends on if you’re a regular user of ZFS or if you’ve been using UFS2 for so long you run commands for that on auto pilot…
In my case this morning, it was just that. “oh yeah, I’m running zfs on this box…” and found myself with half a second of ‘tf?’ when I went to run ‘mount -w /’ and received ‘unknown special file or file system’.

Solution? Just as easy.

# mount -u /
# mount -a -t zfs

Fix issue, reboot. 🙂


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