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by on Sep.14, 2010, under General, Personal

July to September… there’s a gap. *shrug* only two months I guess… It’s been a busy couple months…

I think between work trying to kill me and trying to get caught up with stuff around the house it’s a wonder I’ve got time to post even now.

Finished the bulk of the migration at work… only a few servers to move over/virtualize and the creation of a new Citrix environment and we’re pretty much done. Just wish people would recognize what was done and quit complaining about the little things that we’re still having quirks with. It’s not like we didn’t complete 6 months of work in 2 and a half or anything. You’re bound to have some issues to work through, right? 🙂

So, I sold the Corolla. Done with it. I needed to focus on just one car to work on and I just want to work on the Camaro. It’s been sitting too long and it needs some love. I’m going to try to be good and not get another car until I can put the Camaro back on it’s wheels, at least that’s my goal. We have the Highlander so it’s not like we don’t have another car or anything but we’ll see how it goes.

I was at least able to take a week or so off work, although I don’t think it was long enough. I spent most of it getting caught up on projects around the house that needed my attention during that two months I was getting destroyed at work. Installed the stair rail by the door finally, cleared out the bulk of the junk we had under the house (almost 2/3’s), cleared out the garage of all junk not needed, cleared all the limbs/stick piles out of the yard, etc. I was surprised at how much crap there was and how little of a dent it put in a 30-yard dumpster. At least we got a couple neighbors in on it and it only cost us each 100. That’s a good deal to me. 🙂 We also ended up replacing the washer and dryer in the house as well which is pretty much awesome. Judging by the performance thus far, I’m pretty optimistic about how much water and power these new units are going to save.

I’ve been on a total energy savings kick the last few weeks. Bought a new virtual server to host all of my stuff in the house so now I’m down to just 4 1U units, the switch, firewall and router in the rack in the garage. 3 SAN storage units and 1 VMWare host to run all 9 systems including the media center. So far it’s pulling only about 600 watts/hr to run EVERYTHING but that’s still better than the 900+ watts/hr it was a month or so ago. That alone should drop the power bill quite a bit a month. I also went through and replaced all the flood lamps in the house with CFL Flood Lamps which are using a ton less electricity and again with the replacement of the washer and dryer things should definitely look better. I’m hoping for at least a $50 drop by the time I get this all figured out. We’ll see in a month or so once I’ve run a full 30 days.

It’s kinda nice though… between cutting down on all the servers, rummaging junk, etc… I also found a ton of stuff to put up on craigslist and ebay so some of the money i’ve been dumping to get all this stuff is coming back to me at least. yay for balance!

Now that I feel all caught up with that stuff I just need to figure out some way of getting caught up with my personal life… June through August kinda killed any summer time with the family. 🙁 I feel like Arwen’s summer vacation time was a blink of an eye to me. I can’t believe she’s started 2nd grade already. Where does the time go!? I swear yesterday Travis was a newborn and she was in Kindergarten. Today she’s in 2nd grade and Travis used the toilet for the first time. Definitely going too fast.

Well, anyway, enough with the blogging for today. Hopefully I can get more time to vent out things on here and do more “me things” in the near future now that things are slowly returning to “normal”. We’ll see.

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