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they’ll let anyone online these days…

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Rants, Tech Stuff

Disclaimer: I can’t claim credit for finding this one… Carson found this one probably in his never ending quest to find the end of the internet. 🙂

wow… i mean, really… wow.

I can admit, I’ve seen some stupidity before, but this one really takes the cake. I seriously have to ponder if this kid will survive to adulthood. Evidently this kid, who posts up videos on YouTube, goes by the screen name ‘NextGenHacker101’… Personally that name makes me laugh in and of itself but pushing past that, I actually watched the video (posted below). “NextGenHacker101” goes on to explain how he’s going to show you an ip viewer than lets you see people’s connection speeds and such connected to a specific website. He goes on to explain this whole “cool” utility, etc.. etc.. and then goes to demonstrate…  

First off,  glancing at his desktop I had to stifle *some* laughter since he was instructing from Windows XP but pressing forward nearly choked on my drink as he prompted you to launch the command prompt ‘cmd’.  As the words left his mouth ‘Tracer-T’ I believe is where I completely lost all ability to maintain any composure. Seriously… if you’re going to “instruct” people on “cool tools” to view people’s connections, learn what the heck you’re talking about before making a complete idiot of yourself. *trace-rt* is short for “traceroute”… *rolls eyes*. I share this video so that you don’t actually need to go to YouTube and seek this confused individual out.

Could this tool be used in any shape or form for hacking? Sure. Could it be used the way this kid described it? Not at all.

For those of you that don’t know. The utility that this poor uninformed soul completely botched the explanation of is used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. It’s most often used for network troubleshooting and in no way could be used to show you who all is connected to a website or how fast their connection is.

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  • Kris

    I couldn’t finish watching it, I was done it at “not semicolon, the little dot thing” but I do have to thank the kid I’ve never heard of “tracer-t” before, maybe I’ll use it at work tomorrow.. oh wait I see what he did there..

  • Kris

    oh and if he is whats coming from our next gen of hackers I might as well post my credit card info and SSN online now because I have nothing to worry about..

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