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An addiction renewed…

by on Mar.30, 2009, under Gaming

I’m sure Andy will read this one over and over again while congratulating himself on how his patience and subtle hints over the past few months have encouraged this day. Enjoy it Deebs, you earned it. šŸ™‚

So, for those that don’t know what I’m talking about, it would appear that I have been successfully roped back into playing Final Fantasy 11 (FFXI) again and Amanda has definitely sealed her fate as an addict. With an unprecedented string of sightings on Ramuh as of late, Smandy and Vortexx seem to have reestablished themselves within the world of Vana`diel.

I even heard the phrase come from Amanda’s mouth this morning on the way to work “If I get some time, I think I’ll level Summoner on my own during the day” … Don’t even start grinning to yourself Deebs, we’re still listed as ‘casual players’. I don’t think we’ll see the playtime counter going up in increments of days anytime soon. At least they’ve kicked up some of the content quality and there are more interesting things to get involved in out there. I honestly must stay I’ve enjoyed leveling lower rated jobs over the past couple of days than I had previously. Yay for Fields of Valor!

I can truly say there are probably better ways to “waste spare time” whenever I do get it, but in the end… I’m still amused that this still proves to be one of the most cost effective forms of alternate entertainment out there. It’s definitely better than a lot of other things I could be doing, that’s for sure.

Again, thanks Andy… *glare* hehe I’m glad our re-involvment keeps you entertained again. lol

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  • DeebsTundra

    Bout time! šŸ™‚

    Seriously though, as much of a horrible time-sink as the game is to get anywhere high level, for $13 bucks a month. It keeps on keeping on with content. I haven’t looked at my playlog in months, pretty sure I don’t want to. šŸ™

    You haven’t even gotten to the cool shit like sea, limbus, dynamis (gets old fast though), sky, salvage, nyzul isle, assault.

    I know I know, leveling jobs sucks, it really does. That’s why I’m glad I’m almost done with it. SMN: 30, MNK 13, PUP 10. Those hit 37 and I’m done. 75 drg, blm, rng, sch, 64 bst, everything else 37 and leveling is over for me.

    But seriously, glad to see you guys back. Makes me happy, sometimes in the pants.

  • Amanda

    LOL Deebs you’re crazy. But yeah, I think we sealed our fates this time. For some strange reason it’s much more fun this time around, probably cause I’m not super sick and uncomfortably pregnant. I might actualy have some time today to try out summoner… we will see though.

  • Travis

    LOL. You just like being able to nuke small animals with elemental spells. You’re addicted to Aero, face it.

  • Amanda

    Actually I’ve discovered Thunder and blizzard and fire are SO much better lol.

  • Travis

    *rolls eyes* wow… hehe

  • DeebsTundra

    Elemental damage as a base from strongest to weakest:
    Thunder > Blizzard > Fire > Aero > Water > Stone.

    I can barely break 1k with Stone4. I can break 1400 with Thunder4.

    …for the record.

  • Travis

    FFXI Wiki-Deebs FTW! lol

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