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eat it at&t… that is all

by on Sep.01, 2011, under Rants, Tech Stuff

For the record, I believe AT&T needs to go pound sand. The thought of them taking any part in T-Mobile disgusts me. I went to T-Mobile because of extremely poor service from other carriers and their value to cost ratio. AT&T would completely undermine the values of T-Mobile should they acquire the carrier. Not to mention we’d watch our rate plans and phone costs go through the roof. I hope they get burned for this and it costs them that 3 billion in reversal fees. It would serve them right for trying to covertly corner the market by strategically positioning themselves to own almost half of it.

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SyFy: The Official Harbinger of Death of Science Fiction

by on May.10, 2011, under General, Rants

Ok, I love Science Fiction. It’s fun, it inspires and overall it’s pretty entertaining anyway… But I feel that SyFy has pretty much killed mainstream delivery of any quality science fiction.

Last night I watched the season/series finale of SGU. After watching it, I kinda wish I hadn’t. The ending was a great season finale, but a horrible series finale. It just didn’t fit well and quite honestly was a blatent banner for how horribly mismanaged that company is. Upon reading up on some things this morning and seeing the giant axe driven into the chest of the Stargate Franchise by SyFy I couldn’t help but feel as though SyFy has done nothing but KILL science fiction over the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, some of the shows out there are pretty decent and whatnot, but overall they seem to wipe out the really good and interesting shows in lieu of something less appealing. Looking back specifically at the StarGate franchise, they cut short SG-1 leaving only a DVD movie to finish the series out;  they cut Atlantis, albeit at least with a decent ending but nothing really out there to wrap up the story and then left you hanging out to dry with SGU right when it was finally getting interesting… It wasn’t the best SG series ever, but it was finally gaining some traction in the story line and actually had me intrigued as to what would happen next.

So, I’ve come to a conclusion… I’m done with SyFy… I hope some others of you feel the same way and do what I’m doing. While I enjoy Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary, I’m sick of getting invested in shows that the network just seems to come along and wipe out without any possibility of a solid wrap-up. It happens constantly and they continue to blame the shows when they should be blaming themselves… I’m deleting my DVR schedules and ignoring the pathetic offering SyFy has out there. I’m sure my life will be much better off because of it … Since when did wrestling belong on a channel that was supposed to be dedicated to science fiction? It’s fiction, yes, but there is no science to it. LOL

I took a good long look over the last few years of what SyFy has done and I was just appalled. I remember being able to see some pretty interesting (albeit some even short-lived) shows fill in the gaps during the days that were dedicated to the story theme of science fiction and be ramped up to get into Sci-Fi Fridays with some friends and such… but slowly but surely they’ve replaced those shows with re-runs of semi-reality shows and the removal of good ole b-rated scifi flicks filling in where they lacked content for shows… it reminds me of the loss of MTV to “reality” shows in the 90’s… on a side note to that: it’s disturbing that Beavis and Butthead are being brought back… what will they talk about? the latest episode of 16 and pregnant? *rolls eyes*

While I’m bashing in SyFy, I think it’s fair to say and worth mentioning that I think TV in general has gone down the tubes… looking over most of the shows I used to watch and watch now… I spend FAR less time watching TV now than I did even 5 years ago. I guess that’s a good thing though right?

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my thoughts on illegal immigration…

by on May.18, 2010, under Politics, Rants

What part of the word illegal does no one seem to get?

il·le·gal – [ih-lee-guhl]

forbidden by law or statute.

First and foremost, do I believe people have certain rights as human beings? Yes. No one should try to take away someones personal freedoms and abilities. Go where you want, be who you want to be, but…

Do people have the right to freeload and complain about how things aren’t the way they would like them to be when they are not even a citizen of a country and don’t think the laws of the land they are living in apply to them? NO

I’m not saying all illegal immigrants are complete freeloaders or disrespect of all laws with no regard for consequence, let me stop you right there. What I’m saying is certain aspects of the things a lot of illegal immigrants are expecting of the US are indicative of the behaviors of a freeloader and someone who has no regard for the law.

Example: I’ve seen recent news articles about illegal immigrants fighting deportation or other consequences of their being here illegally in court or protesting laws that could get them kicked out. Excuse me? Since when do non-citizens get citizen’s rights? Seriously? I mean if I go rob a bank, I go to court and if the proof points to the fact I did in fact rob said bank, the law states I have xxx options for a sentence based on parameters of the crime and more than likely I go to jail. That’s the law, I broke it, hence ‘ILLEGAL’. So why are ILLEGAL immigrants who are here… ILLEGALLY getting any kind of say in how our laws should be interpreted or how they should be applied to them? You have government officials, celebrities, citizens, etc all banding together to give these people “a voice”… SERIOUSLY!?

This country seriously has its priorities out of order.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I believe wholeheartedly that people should have the chance and be able to immigrate here from another country LEGALLY! If you want to move here, go through the process, become documented it’s that simple. Whether you’re here on borrowed time or are immigrating here permanently, do so through the proper channels. PERIOD. If you’re here legally, you’re taxed on your income, you are protected by our laws, etc… etc… You’re subject to the same rules as I am with conditions based on your status that you legally filed for.

If you don’t like the process, then maybe you shouldn’t be here. I’m so sick of people who aren’t even citizens of this country depleting the economy and morale of this nation with their presence. We have enough people who can’t take care of themselves and enough criminals that are already citizens of this country that we have to support and adding more and more every day doesn’t help the situation any.

Get documented or GET OUT. Stop whining about your human rights being violated and adhere to the law of the land you’re trying to move into. If I have to live by them, so do you!


And for you people who think you have an opinion contrary, you are more than welcome to find a country that supports your ideals and go there. Just make sure you do it legally. 🙂

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by on Feb.25, 2010, under Rants

Is there anything more disgusting than overly fat people on a bus stuffing their faces with greasy food? I dare say not.

Seriously. Can’t people just hold out a little longer and observe the no eating signs on a bus? They are there for a reason but obviously some people are too busy stuffing their slop holes to notice… The smell is so nausea inducing that I just might have to share my lunch with them too…

Oh and if you’re going to rant at my rant because you are offended, save yourself the wasted effort of typing and don’t. I don’t want to hear anyone justify themselves for me only to rip you a new one.

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